Virtual Driftmob Brings Viral BMW Racing Video To Forza Horizon 2

Last summer, the Epic Driftmob video blew up the Internet. Showcasing the new BMW M235i, the video featured a handful of the cars drifting around roundabouts and through city streets in synchronized splendor – definitely stuff you shouldn’t try to home.

Well, until recently: The Top Gear DLC pack for Forza Horizon 2 on Xbox One added the BMW M235i into the game earlier this month, and opened up new possibilities for Forzagameplay greatness. But it also opened the gate for something special. BMW approached YouTube star DomesticMango – known for his Forza stunt driving videos and amazing custom car builds – and issued him a challenge: Recreate the Epic Driftmob on the virtual streets of Forza Horizon 2.

Mango and a crew of very skilled Forza racers took the red cars to the streets, creating a virtual Driftmob video virtually as cool as the real one. These stunts are insane, and show off a crazy amount of skill. Check out the Virtual Driftmob, and see if you can top this in Forza Horizon 2!