Evolve Xbox One Open Beta Launches

XW Beta

Get ready to hunt some monsters: The Xbox One Open Beta for Turtle Rock Studios’ and 2K Games’ first-person multiplayer monster-hunter Evolve is now live! One player takes on the role of a deadly monster, and the other players step into the combat boots of the monster hunters for a tense, vicious game of cat-and-mouse. It’s a formula that Turtle Rock Studios started with the wildly popular Left 4 Dead series – and Evolvehones it to perfection.

Starting today, all Xbox One owners with an Xbox Live Gold account can download theEvolve open beta and check out the game’s basic Hunt mode, which features two playable monsters (the Goliath and the Kraken), eight different hunters, and a whopping dozen playable maps. And this Saturday, January 17, you can check out the Evacuation mode, which presents a set of timed, dynamic missions across procedurally generated maps.

And don’t worry about losing your progress either: Your progress and unlockables will carry over to Evolve’s full retail launch on February 10. So if you’re into fast, furious multiplayer action, there’s no reason not to get in on this awesome beta opportunity. So fire up your Xbox Live Gold account, and get ready to hunt… and be hunted!