Universal Electronics Inc., Redefining Entertainment Control At CES 2015


Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI), the worldwide leader in universal remote control technologies and control interfaces, is coming to the International Consumer Electronics Show for the 23rd consecutive year in 2015, with their latest portfolio of technology solutions that redefine home entertainment control.

Comprehensive control of entertainment devices has become a must-have for a truly compelling entertainment experience. UEI’s embedded solutions and design expertise provide consumer OEMs, cable and satellite broadcasters, and over-the-top content providers with the optimal solutions for a consumer oriented design experience.

Highlights at CES 2015 will include:

Redefining Control Across all Screens – QuickSet 3.0

The platform that is currently deployed in over 100 million devices around the world including set-top boxes, connected TVs, media devices, game consoles, smartphones, and tablets receives the biggest update yet. UEI’s QuickSet software and cloud services empower a growing list of popular smart devices and other electronics to seamlessly control the home entertainment experience.

QuickSet 3.0 with Control Plus Technology

Control Plus technology, now available as an optional feature in the latest QuickSet SDK, addresses the most common consumer challenges in universal AV control such as mode confusion and input switching. With Control Plus technology, consumers can simply plug in a new device, have it discovered and set up automatically, and have activities such as “Watch TV” automatically enabled with a single touch. The latest enhancements in Smart Home technologies can also be added to complete the entire home entertainment experience.

Key Features of Control Plus Technology Include:

  • Automated Activity Setup – automatically detects and configures smart activities for most IP and HDMI-connected devices
  • Dynamic Key Mapping – remote or touchscreen buttons automatically map to appropriate devices based on the active content source device
  • One Touch View (OTV) – a single button press instantly and reliably gets the user to their chosen content
  • Smart device integration – brings universal control and smart activities into second screen apps and provides synchronization across multiple screens

Additional Highlights of QuickSet:

  • Automated Device Set Up – automatically detects and sets up control interfaces for most IP and HDMI-connected devices using data transmitted over these networks
  • Intelligent filtering and prioritization based on market and location-specific metadata to show only relevant equipment
  • Device control database that is continuously updated and connected via online web services
  • Support across a range of platforms including Linux, Android, iOS, and Windows as well as specific services for RDK and Android platforms
  • Support for any bi-directional wireless standard for over-the-air download to a remote device, including ZigBee RF4CE, Bluetooth Smart, and Wi-Fi

Redefining Core Technologies

Choosing the right control solution from the myriad of today’s complex technologies can be challenging. UEI is the industry leader at designing and implementing control solutions using today’s most efficient and reliable RF wireless standards such as ZigBee RF4CE, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Experience some of the exciting navigation and search technologies integrated by UEI and used by top tier consumer electronics brands such as Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, Comcast, DIRECTV, Roku and others.

Key highlights of Core Technology demonstrations include:

  • UEI’s Evoke family of solutions offering efficient and reliable voice control over ZigBee RF4CE, Bluetooth, and Bluetooth Smart
  • Balanced designs that leverage the latest advances in input technologies (gesture, motion, touch navigation, and voice search) with an ergonomic design that works simply and effortlessly
  • User-independent, voice-driven content search that makes finding movies and filtering choices by genre or actor easy. Integrated with Rovi’s Personalized Discovery Solution to semantically map natural language search terms and viewer behaviors to generate a powerful content recommendation experience.

Redefining Design and the User Experience

As the centerpiece for any home entertainment device, the handheld user interface is the one place your brand can really stand out. Designovation offers a glimpse into the future of control in surprising new shapes and form factors. See the latest concepts and designs that showcase the remote as the perfect companion to your home entertainment device.

Invited guests are welcome to visit Universal Electronics and experience live demonstrations at booth 20612 in South Hall 1 at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, January 6-9, 2015.