Phoenix Audio Technologies To Unveil The Smart Spider At Enterprise Connect 2015


Phoenix Audio Technologies announced today that it will unveil a brand new product during the Enterprise Connect convention in Orlando on March 16th. Aptly named, the Smart Spider is a USB speakerphone for medium- to large-sized conference rooms that can also connect to smart devices, tablets, or video codecs with the ability to bridge between the different interfaces.

“We welcome the Smart Spider as the newest member of our Spider family of products!” says Joseph Marash, Phoenix Audio Technologies’ CEO. “Along with its own distinct features, it utilizes the original Spider’s signature breakthrough technology in echo-cancelling, noise suppression, automatic gain control, and more. The Smart Spider provides an easy-to-use intuitive user interface experience, as well as a unique display of its beamforming technology.” The Smart Spider’s powerful beamforming technology is enhanced by LED lights beneath the grill that follow the direction of a person’s voice. The product’s pickup range exceeds 20 feet on its own, and can be daisy chained to up to 14 additional units to accommodate an even larger space.

The Smart Spider’s sleek and sophisticated design provides a discreet presence on the conference table, but can be ceiling mounted for rooms that have limited desktop space. Another key feature is the product’s ability to support privacy mode through a standard headset, which allows for a smooth transition from speakerphone to private call with the touch of a button.

Since the Smart Spider communicates through USB interface with any computer under any operating system, and is compatible with all soft video applications, it proves to be an ideal solution in BYOD and UC environments. Phoenix Audio will have the Smart Spider on display at Booth #1137, and will be available for purchase in mid-2015.