Philips Launch Brand-New Pocket Memo 7800 Series And Smartphone Dictation App



Speech Processing Solutions, the international leader in professional dictation, has launched two new devices into its product portfolio and completely re-designed its iOS dictation recorder app, with a new interface and intuitive features.

The latest Philips Pocket Memo 7800 and 7820 digital voice recorders bring dictation to a whole new level. The extremely durable devices come with two high-end microphones which enable superior sound pick up, resulting in a crystal-clear audio quality. The ergonomically shaped slide switch allows for efficient single-handed use and being designed in lightweight stainless steel, they are perfect to use, even over extended periods of time. Both devices come with Philips SpeechExec Pro Dictate workflow software. Dr. Thomas Brauner, CEO of Speech Processing Solutions explains: “The software helps users create a smooth work cycle between authors and transcriptionists and permits them to monitor the progress of their work at all times.”

Philips give professionals the opportunity to be productive on the go, even if they do not have their Pocket Memo at hand. Users can now download the new iOS Philips dictation recorder iPhone app 3.6, which enables them to record and securely send their memos, mails, reports and other documents, on the go. The new app comes with a completely redesigned user interface, making it even more intuitive and easy to use. The new quick start guide enables new users to start working productively and even faster than before. Additionally, the new ‘set editing mode’ allows users to predefine their overwrite, insert and append modes before using the dictation device. This means that the edit mode can be used more intuitively without an interruption to the natural workflow.

Recordings can be sent off to be processed by a transcriptionist, speech recognition software or Philips dictation workflow solutions such as SpeechLiveand SpeechExec. Saving users valuable time and money by reducing turnaround times. Philips’ new cloud dictation solution SpeechLive gives users full control over their dictation workflow, from anywhere, anytime. It even offers a new transcription service, where professional typists transcribe dictations quickly and efficiently*. “Philips SpeechLive saves businesses significant time and money. Because professionals can be productive anywhere and anytime. And the best thing is, that SpeechLive is very easy to use. It’s as simple as speak, send, done!” remarks Dr. Brauner.

The Philips dictation recorder app is available for download from the iTunes store here. Philips is now offering a free 30-day trial of the SpeechLive solution at:

*Regional availability of the Philips Pocket Memo 7800 series and SpeechLive may vary. SpeechLive transcription service is currently available in English, German and most recently French.