Glamo Has Launched A Universal Remote Control Operated By A Smartphone

Glamo America, Inc. (CEO Isao Goto) has launched “iRemocon”, the ultimate learning remote control for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Android on Tuesday, December 9th, 2014.

iRemocon, winner of the 2014 Home Theater Grand Prix Golden Award, will transform your smartphones and tablets into highly functional remote controls, able to control your home theater from inside and outside the home.


iRemocon does more than other universal remote controls. You use your own smartphone or tablet as your remote control, you design the look and feel of your remote control with a drag and drop interface, and you can use voice recognition for hands free control from anywhere that your smartphone can hear you.

iRemocon is not limited to mimicking the functions of other remote controls. It can control your DVD player, speakers, and TV or projection screen simultaneously with a single press of a button, set timers that can perform any action, trigger actions based on the GPS determined location of your phone, or, for more advanced users, be programmed directly with our published APIs.


Your smartphone or tablet communicates with the iRemocon unit. With the iRemocon unit, you will never have to aim a remote control again. Its wide range, high output LEDs saturate a room, meaning you can put a remote controlled light in the corner and control it with the same iRemocon unit that controls your home theater.


iRemocon is available for sale in the U.S. on Amazon.


* Personalize your remote control interface
All the interface designs for your iRemocon remote control are created with the UI designer. You can create not only buttons or labels, but also set the background picture and the sound made when you press buttons.

* Control home appliances remotely with easy installation
You can control your home appliances anytime and anywhere by registering a member ID on the iRemocon app on your smartphone. You don’t need to configure complicated settings.

* Control your home equipment by voice
Using voice recognition enables you to control registered home appliances by voice. Talk to your phone to control devices even when your hands are full.

* Control multiple appliances at once using the macro feature
Multiple functions can be assigned to a button on the interface. The order of the functions and transmission intervals can also be assigned. Just pressing a button will send an entire script configured by iRemocon.

* Trigger control with the timer function
iRemocon will control your home appliances automatically at a date and time you specify.

* GPS linked feature (Paid service)
iRemocon detects your location with the iRemocon app installed on your smartphone, and controls your home electronics automatically when you leave or come home. Once the GPS link feature has been set, your home is always the way you want it when you leave or come home even if you don’t check your smartphone.

* Operation outside the home (Paid service)
Not only can you control your home electronics while you are at home, you can control them while outside the home as well. With this feature, you can turn lights on or off for home security, among other things.

* Ultra-high-power, wide-angle IR LED
The light-emitting parts of the high output LEDs are attached at an angle of 45 degrees to the center-front of the unit, and the signal transmitted through the LED transmission panel. The product is designed to control home appliances over a range greater than 120 degrees by reflecting IR light from the high output LEDs off the walls of the home.


Product information:

Product name: iRemocon
Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android
Compatible OS: iOS and Android
Price: $180.00 USD
AppStore URL:
Google Play URL:
Developer information:
iRemocon official URL: