Evolve Free Arena Mode Out Now

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This week we released a brand new game mode in Evolve: Arena Mode.

Arena mode is a series of fast, brutal battles to the death in a best of 3 series. There is no hunting, there is no hiding. Only constant slaughter.

unnamedBoth teams begin locked inside a mobile arena, where they fight until only one side remains. With one team victorious, the fight moves to the next arena and another round begins. Each of the 14 maps has 5 hand picked arena locations for the ultimate close quarters combat experience.

unnamed (1)Between matches, the monster can choose to re-skill abilities, but perks and characters on both sides stay the same. The monster begins the battle at Stage 2 with 50% armor and the hunters have no drop ship to come back on within a round.

The free update is available today. Good luck and Happy Hunting.