10 Titles That Should Get Re-Booted on Next-Gen

Here’s a list of 10 titles that we think should get another chance to be developed on the next-gen consoles. These titles are just our opinion so please feel free to add your titles in the comment section below and your reason why. Below are a quick synopsis of the games and explanation of why they should be re-booted.



Dark Sector

Developed by Digital Extremes, published by D3 Publisher/Aspyr. Dark Sector is a third person shooter set in a fictional Eastern Bloc country of Lasria centers the lead character Hayden Tenno a CIA agent infected with the Technocyte virus which gives him the ability to grow a three-pronged “Glaive”.

Reason why

Dark Sector had really good graphics and gameplay, that had the potential to continue with a sequel. The storyline in Dark Sector should of continued with the lead character Hayden, continuing his journey battling against the Lasrian forces, and mastering his ability to control the Technocyte virus in a Banner/Hulk manner. To see it on the next-gen consoles with improved graphics and gameplay engine would of been great. As for the multiplayer mode, maybe the developers could of found a way to improve it, and made it similar to the Uncharted or Max Payne’s multiplayer mode.


When asked about a sequel in 2008, Steven Sinclair of Digital Extremes stated that there was “nothing definitive” planned, but commented that he would “love to do one”, and that Dark Sector only scratched the surface of the character and weapon’s potential. Digital Extremes eventually developed a free-to-play game, titled Warframe, which borrows heavily from the original Dark Sector concept video and game, and even involves the original game as part of its lore.



Dead to Rights: Retribution

Developed by Volatile Games and published by Namco Bandai Games, Dead to Rights: Retribution is a third-person action game featuring Jack Slate a police office of Grant City and his canine companion Shadow.

Reason why

One of the things that stood out about Dead to Rights: Retribution was the gameplay. The storyline was decent but the fun factor in Dead to Rights: Retribution was the shooting and combat. If this game could make another comeback with improved graphics, gameplay and a solid storyline, there’s a chance that a re-boot can deliver a lot to the fans of Dead to Rights.


No word from the developers or Namco Bandai Games about another installment.



NFL 2K Football

2K Sports, ESPN NFL 2K5 featuring cover athlete Terrell Owens, was the last football installment from 2K Sports. After losing the NFL license to EA Sports, 2K Sports shut the doors on producing football games and focused on their most successful title NBA 2K basketball. Since then this game is still considered one of the best football games out there today. Custom rosters are still being made and uploaded to the web(NFL2K5 Rosters), for fans to download and enjoy playing new seasons with updated team rosters.


When we look at NBA 2K14 for both current-gen and next-gen, 2K Sports raised the bar on sports games tremendously, while EA Madden Football seem to be repackaging the same game year after year for football fans. If 2K Sports can produce another football game again, with the new technology and graphics they are using for NBA 2K basketball, they would definitely surpass Madden hands down.


For us to see another football game from 2K Sports, the NFL would have to end their contract with EA Sports and allow both 2K Sports and EA Sports to produce football games all together. And in closing that is something that EA Sports would not want because that could possibly drive the final nail in their coffin.



Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

Developed by IO Interactive and published by Eidos Interactive, Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is a third-person action shooter featuring characters Kane a top mercenary in deep trouble, willing and capable of doing anything to get out of it. Lynch is a schizophrenic and a medicated psychopath, that teamed up with Kane by default and the two started pulling off bank robberies and the rest is is chaotic history.


The Kane & Lynch: Dead Men storyline was decent but the gem in this game was the multiplayer mode. Til this day there are still a lot of people online playing Kane & Lynch: Dead Men for hours, betraying their teammates and cashing out with all the earnings. Kane & Lynch received a lot of negative reviews during launch, which probably was the reason why a lot of gamers passed up on Kane & Lynch. The sequel for Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, was a completely different game from the first installment and that’s why it wasn’t mentioned in this article. IO and Eiodos should rebuilt this game from the first installment and revamp the graphics and tweak the gameplay mechanics, then take it from there. Fans would definitely appreciate a solid re-boot from the first Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, especially the multiplayer mode because that is where the value was.


Since the sequel Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, there’s been a lot of controversy involving the game producers being sued for vilifying Chinese people in the game. There’s no news on another title in the future or the movie that has been in talks for the last 4 years. We’re not sure if we will ever get to see another Kane & Lynch game, but re-booting the franchise the right way would definitely make some fans happy.



Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

Developed by Pandemics Studios & Behavior Interactios and published by EA Games, Mercenaries 2 is a sequel to Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction. Set in an fictionalized war torn Venezuela, this open world third-person shooter game followed the story of a mercenary getting revenge on the man who betrayed him/her, while causing as much mayhem and destruction as possible.


Mercenaries 2 should get a re-boot simply because it had one of the best co-op modes ever. Exploring the map with one of your online friend, unlocking weapons, earning cash to build up your army and causing mayhem and destruction is just satisfying. Bringing this game to next-gen with a bigger open world and expanding on the multiplayer mode would definitely work. Of course improving the graphic engine would benefit those awesome explosions!


Following the closure of Pandemic Studios, EA announced on November 24, 2009 that EA Los Angeles are working on a title currently known as Merc Inc. No new development on this project since then.



Star Wars: Force Unleashed

Developed and published by Lucas Arts, Star Wars: Force Unleashed is a third-person action game featuring lead character Starkiller, the secret apprentice of Darth Vader.


It’s believed that Star Wars 1313, was suppose to be the re-boot on the next-gen consoles following Star Wars: Force Unleashed series.  From the footage shown at E3 2012, many gamers were excited and looking forward to Star Wars 1313. The development seem to be heading in the right direction and the graphics were visually stunning. Star Wars 1313 definitely needs to get back into production and give the Star Wars fans a solid game on the next-gen consoles.


Disney chose not to renew the trademark for Star Wars 1313 at the end of 2013 and so as a result The United States Patent and Trademark office, considers the trademark abandoned, therefore it looks like the project has been cancelled.



Soldier of Fortune: Payback

Developed by Cauldron HQ and published by Activision Value, Soldier of Fortune: Payback is a first-person shooter game featuring John Mullins the hero of the first two series.


Soldier of Fortune: Payback used the CloakNT3 engine which gave this game one of the best gore and violence physics you will ever see and experience in a FPS. Killing enemies in SOF: Payback was a lot of fun and seeing your enemy arms and limbs get blown off, or their heads exploding from a shotgun blast, really gave gamers that wow reaction. The AI in this game was also smart and they used the flanking system to their advantage when necessary. The multiplayer in SOF: Payback had a lot of great potential similar to the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises. The team death-match mode was highly favored by gamers who played SOF: Payback, and bringing this franchise back with the same engine and gameplay on next-gen would be awesome.


No news from the developers or publishers about future Soldier of Fortune projects.




Developed and published by Midway Games Chicago, Stranglehold is a third-person shooter game that used the Unreal Engine 3, and was developed in collaboration with John Woo. Stranglehold is a sequel to John Woo’s 1992 Hong Kong action film, Hard Boiled featuring Inspector “Tequila” Yuen a street cop submersed in the streets of Hong Kong fighting against the Triad gangs.


Stranglehold was a great action game, using the Tequila-time feature to slow down time while jumping in any direction allowed Tequila to hit his targets precisely. The physics in Stranglehold was solid, and hitting enemies in different areas of their bodies and seeing them react to it, made this game really fun and enjoyable. The multiplayer could of been a lot better if the developers had put a little more time into it. It would be nice to see this game make a comeback again with improvements catering to the next-gen platforms.


Midway Games Chicago was bought out by Warner Bros. Games Chicago and was then re-branded as NetherRealms Studios. There has been no news about any future Stranglehold project since.



The Bourne Conspiracy

Developed by High Moon Studios and published by Sierra Entertainment, The Bourne Conspiracy is a third-person action game based on the Robert Ludlum’s Bourne novels. This game takes place prior to the first Bourne film as Jason Bourne tries to assassinate African dictator Nykwana Wombosi who knows too much about Treadstone, the black-ops organization that Bourne works for.


The Bourne Conspiracy had a lot to offer and the quick-time-events was actually really good in this game. The hand-to-hand combat was a lot of fun, and even though taking out enemies with a gun was available most players preferred to apply combat moves on their enemies. And not to mention the boss fights was also challenging and rewarding when delivering that final blow to put them down. It would be great to see this game get the green light to run against games like Splinter Cell: Conviction, with next-gen graphics, improved gameplay and a solid Bourne series storyline adaptation.


High Moon Studios/Sierra Entertainment was acquired by Vivendi Games which was then owned by Activision Blizzard. There’s been no news about a future Bourne project.



The Getaway

Developed by Team SOHO and published by Sony Entertainment, The Getaway is an open world first-person shooter inspired by British gangland films Get Carter and Snatch. The story follows two characters Frank Carter a police officer and Mark Hammond a ex-bank robber.


The Getaway is one of THE BEST games ever on the PlayStation 2 console hands down, along with GTA: San Andreas and a few others. From the open world, to the driving, and the shoot-outs made the Getaway a great experience. The storyline that followed both characters Mark and Frank, was well written and executed and will forever be memorable. The sequel Black Monday didn’t have much of an impact as The Getaway’s first installment. The PlayStation 3 almost saw a 3rd game but The Getaway 3 got shelved by Sony after they showed a demo at the 2005 E3 event. Sony should get this game a 3rd installment on the PS4, with a solid storyline and a huge open world with great gameplay mechanics. Also a great multiplayer mode should be added that give players the opportunity to work on either the law side or the gang side. There’s a lot of great potential for The Getaway to make a comeback, and this game will forever remain on the top of the list for most gamers who are fans of the series.


Nicolas Doucet member of London Studio says: “I would not say they have been abandoned, just put to one side. Much work had been done. Given that this was years ago and nothing has been mentioned, it’s probably not going to ever be released.

If there’s game you would like to see get re-booted please feel free to leave us a comment below, and be sure to visit us again for the next article on “The Most Anticipated Sequels On The Next-Gen Consoles”.