Gamers Ask Why Are Digital Games The Same Price As Disc Games?

As we move into the new era of gaming, we’ve seen a drastic shift in our disc games becoming obsolete and digital downloads moving to the forefront. When the XBox One, PS4 & WiiU were first announced, we heard rumors of these consoles possibly being stand alone units with no DVD disc drive implemented. This was something that “maybe” Microsoft, Sony & Nintendo thought of to keep the sales of games a little closer to their watch. After an enormous backlash from some of the gaming community, the rumors seem to have died. The reason why gamers were not excited about having a non-disc console is because they would not be able to trade and purchase used games. As we all know not all gamers buy games the day of release, some gamers prefer to pick up certain games from the bargain bin at their local game and electronic stores. Besides the uproar from the gaming community there was also a lot of heat coming from stores like GameStop, Best Buy, Walmart, Target etc. If these stores especially GameStop, can’t sell disc games then they would be out-of-business and extinct. Also let’s not forget Gamefly, the online gaming rental service that allow gamers to rent their video game disc for a monthly fee. Since most gamers prefer to rent games and send them back this would affect everyone all around.

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Now that we’re on the next-gen consoles, we now see a big digital game purchase presence for the XBox Live and PS4 platforms. So the big question is why are digital games the same price as the disc games available in stores? As we all know to produce disc games obviously has some type of manual labor, disc duplication, printing & packaging involved, and we’re also paying for the physical disc. But if we purchase the game directly from the dashboard, then are we not cutting out the middleman that is part the physical disc process? It’s amazing that there hasn’t been some kind of protest about this to the video game corporations. They might say we are paying the same prices because to maintain the servers where the games are stored cost a lot, or retail stores would not be able to match the price of the digital download if it was discounted. There has to be some kind of factor that goes into this process that we obviously do not understand as consumers. Or we are just being taken advantage of point blank.


Popular YouTuber BlackBusterCritic, posted a few videos about his gripe with video game developers charging additional for add-on content that’s already on the game disc. His point made a lot of sense, and he always stressed that we need to boycott these games and let our wallets do the talking with the gaming corporations and developers. So going forward how do we approach this issue? And where would we even start? We can send emails to the right parties to ask them why, but would they even care to tell us why digital downloads are the same or even more than retail store games? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section and let us know what’s your views are on this topic; we would love to hear it.