‘Be Red Cloud’! – The New Game From Scorpius Forge


They might as well have called this new online MMOG (massive multiplayer online game) ‚Clash of Indians‘. Experience the world of “Be Red Cloud!”, a brilliantly exciting amalgam of real 3D-simulation and an MMOG. Players not only gather resources (wood, skins, meat, bones) while exploring the prairie, the forest, and other graphically sophisticated environments in18 levels, they can also hunt down all a whole variety of animals. As each individual mission is completed, new levels are unlocked, upping both the spoils as well as the difficulty of capturing them.

In multiplayer mode, players from around the world pit themselves against each other in the battle for the available resources, in order to ascend the ranks of the most powerful warriors. Victory is decided by the points earned in the various levels, the skills acquired, and the power wielded in one’s own weapon. Only the best players prevail on the path to the League of Chiefs.

At the start of the game, the player chooses a tribe to represent for the rest of the game: Comanche, Lakota Sioux or Pawnee – each tribe has its own culture and unique skills that endow members with certain advantages.

Within the various ranked leagues, players can challenge one another, put their skills to the test, and see how they measure up against each other. A number of features, all consistent with each other down to the finest details, lend “Be Red Cloud” a unique atmosphere:

In the Character Creator, the player can choose from over 130 different variations on clothing, appearances, war paint, and equipment. Weapons (bows, arrows, spears, tomahawks), can also be continuously improved through 32 upgrades to make them stronger and more powerful.

The dynamic weather system creates unique scenes in the levels. The player experiences sunrise, rain, and snow, and can hunt buffalo even at night.

All the animals possess artificial intelligence, including sensitivity to being approached, and they are also assigned different target zones, making it an exciting and interesting challenge to hunt these bears, buffaloes, and wolves.

Be Red Cloud‘ is available for iOS:




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